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Using alternative hosting companies

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This page is only for people who DON’T want to use WPengine as their hosting company. I highly recommend that you do, but if for some reason you want to use another host, or if you’re already signed up with another company then here are some additional things you’ll need to do. 

Install WordPress

Unlike WPengine, most hosting companies don’t have WordPress preinstalled and you have to do it yourself using something like Simple Scripts. This is a tool to install different web platforms on your host computer with just a couple clicks. It’s pretty self explanatory. You select WordPress and follow the instructions

Install Vaultpress

My exprience with the default free backup systems provided by hosting companies hasn’t been good, so when I’m using a host like Bluehost I always install the Vaultpress plugin. This is a paid service ($15/month) that automatically backs up your site and allows you restore a saved version of your site with almost one click. If your site doesn’t matter then you can risk not having a backup strategy, but if you want to make sure it’s safe then invest in this.

 Install a caching plugin

Caching makes your website run fast by taking a snapshop of each page. This is far less hardware intensive then rebuilding each page every time someone wants it. Hosts like WPengine deal with all the caching for you, but normally you need to install a caching plugin like WP Super Cache.

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