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I get asked a lot if I know any good web designers. Well now I have an answer.

Websites For Architects now has an official web design friend.

3Five has come on board to help architect’s build powerful professional websites based on the principles in Websites For Architects.

The story behind us teaming up

Jake from 3Five sent me an email a while back that more or less said, “Nic, I’m interested in the architect vertical and how we can create a tailored service for architects.” I didn’t have a clue what he meant by vertical, but after a while figured out it means a focus on a particular branch of clients. I said, “fine, let’s organise a Skype meeting.” I do this with almost anyone who contacts me about partnerships, or work stuff now. I just want to know who’s on the other end and gauge their authenticity. What i’m really looking for is people who match my values and character. And i’ve got to say that I was really surprised. Despite initially using what I think of as very corporate words, Jake and his team turned out to be very down to earth. He also told me how he was in the process of getting his house designed and when he went searching for architects he came across a lot of bad websites, which is what promoted the “vertical” idea. He also came across Websites For Architects and thought there was a lot of sound advice that matched his thinking.

There was only one problem. Websites For Architects has readers from all over the world. So what’s the point of recommending someone on a global site if the provider is local. It turns out that it’s not as hard as you think. In fact it’s how a lot of web based projects get done now. The graphic designer may be in France, the programmer may be in the US, and the client may be in… wherever you are right now.

For complete disclosure I need to let you know two things. The first is that if you use 3Five then I’ll get a finders fee. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but you need to know this so you can make up your own mind about using their services. The second is that I’m not a client of 3Five. I build my own websites and this means i can’t give you a full review of what they do well and what they could improve. Think of them as someone I know who seems to be legit and got their head screwed on when it comes to websites for architects. If you do end up using 3five please contact me and let me know how they performed. If they go well we’ll keep them, and if they don’t do such a great job then we’ll need to have a chat.

Meet Jake from 3Five

3Before jumping into bed with any web designer I recommend you contact them and organise a Skype meeting. To make this process as easy as possible I’ve provided a contact form below that will send an email to Jake from 3Five. Just send him a quick message and say you’re looking at getting a website built and would love to chat with him online about it.

Organise a Skype meeting