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Welcome to websites for architects.

Hope you enjoy this web-book. We just sent you an email confirming your subscription to the site. Once done you’ll get some handy links for the web-book, but you’ll also get updates when this web-book changes. Things like security issues are really important to know about and we’ll give you some regular info on WordPress and new plugins. If you use this guide to build your own website please let us know here so we can share it with other readers. My hope is that we can form a community of like minded architects learning and engaging with the online world.

Before we start I need to let you know that I wrote the core of this web-book in one week during a vacation, so it’s not polished and there will be spelling mistakes. It’s definitely a work in progress and should be considered as such. Over time I hope to see the content evolve and improve. When you read, use and share this information you encourage me to do that.

Nic Granleese | | Twitter: @nicgranleese

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