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Build an online resume in 5 minutes using WordPress: Video tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to use WordPress to build an online resume, CV, or Vcard in about five minutes, including a dedicated domain name like, Not only will this give you a beautiful way to display your resume information, but the underlying website is WordPress, which means that if you ever want to change it over to a blog, or business website then you can do this simply by changing the theme. What features each online resume has is dependant on the theme your choose, but most of them offer a summary, work history, skills, a contact form, and a portfolio for projects. This tutorial should only take five to ten minutes and is a very fast way of getting online.

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This video tutorial is part of a series of posts on building and using an online resume. Below are links to those other articles including a listing of some beautiful WordPress themes for resumes, some ideas about how to use them well, and why they are smart idea.

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