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How to password protect your online resume using WordPress

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to upload your full paper (PDF) resume to your site so someone can download it, but making it password protected. Some people like to do this because they feel uncomfortable having all their resume information publicly available. One note: Just because you can password protect a page in WordPress you shouldn’t consider it 100% secure. This is just common sense, but avoid including sensitive information like license numbers and so forth. That said, if you want a simple way of controlling who has access to your online resume then this is how you would do it.

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Step by step instructions

  1. In your WordPress admin panel goto Media > Add new
  2. Upload your PDF resume as a zip file. (By zipping your PDF resume it means that when you link to it, it will download instead of opening.)
  3. Copy the file URL of the zip file you just uploaded. (This is shown in the media panel of the item you just uploaded)
  4. Create a new page and call it something like Download My Resume 
  5. Type some text for a download button like Download Resume.
  6. Now add a link to that text using the file URL you copied previously
  7. In the page edit screen go to the publish widget in the sidebar and click on the visibility edit button.
  8. Click Password protected from the options
  9. Enter a password for this page.

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