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Written step by step instructions on how to build an online resume

This is the written step by step instructions from the video tutorial: How to build an online resume in 5 minutes

The steps

1. Get a hosting account

  • Go to Bluehost and sign up for a new account
  • Choose a domain name, eg,

2. Assign your domain name

  • Login to Bluehost
  • Go to Domains > Domains list 
  • Choose your new domain name
  • Click on Unassigned
  • Assign the URL with the default settings

3. Install WordPress

  • While still in the Bluehost dashboard.
  • Go to Hosting > Cpanel
  • Scroll down to Site builders sections
  • Click on WordPress icon
  • On next page, scroll down to Script List and click on WordPress
  • One next page scroll down and press the Install button
  • The next page will be installation preferences
    • Choose your domain name from the drop down list
    • Add a site name
    • Click on the click here to display button
    • Change your admin to something other than admin, and something not super obvious like your name. (This is for security)
    • Skip step 3 asking you about plugins and themes. This is just junk that hosting companies offer.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions
    • Click complete

4. Install your resume theme

  • Choose a theme: Best resume themes for WordPress 2013 (I used the Zwin theme in the tutorial)
  • Purchase the theme from Themeforest
  • Download the theme to your desktop
  • Login to your new site. Bluehost will have sent you an email with login detail. You can also login by putting /wp-admin after your domain name
  • In your WordPress admin panel go to Appearance > Themes
  • Click on the Install Themes tab at the top of the page
  • Click Upload 
  • Select your theme files from your computer and upload. (Make sure this is the theme zip file. Sometimes when you download theme file they are zipped with photoshop images and documentation and the actual theme zip is inside the zip file you just downloaded. Confusing I know)
  • Activate the theme.

5. Add your resume information

This will be different for each resume theme. So read it’s documentation and then add your content!

Your done!

This video tutorial is part of a series of posts on building and using an online resume. Below are links to those other articles including a listing of some beautiful WordPress themes for resumes, some ideas about how to use them well, and why they are smart idea.


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