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Media and an Architects Website Video Series

Thank you for purchasing the Media and an Architects Video Series. Below are 90 minutes of videos recorded from the live webinar held in July 2013. The clips have been broken into small bite sized chunks to make it an easy watch.

If you have any questions from the course there is a contact form at the bottom. I encourage you to get in touch and continue the conversation with me.

Free Architects Media Kit Template

As part of the course attendees get a free copy of the Architects Media Kit Template, which you can find here.

Download Media Kit Template here

Part 1: Introduction (2.42min)

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  • About the course
  • About the presenter

Part 2: Architectural Media 101 for the digital world (8.15min)

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  • Changing the design > documentation > construction process into a cycle and including a media phase
  • Media has already shifted online: Comparison of print magazines, design blogs and social media
  • The process of how journalists get content has changed

Part 3: Syndication and who is involved with Architectural Media (11.19min)

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  • The concept of syndication: This is how modern media works
  • If you’re not creating the content then who is?
  • Who is involved with architectural media? Editors, writers, architectural photographers, social media users, and you.

Part 4: Questions from the audience (5.47min)

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  • Do traditional magazines have an online presence?
  • Some of the working differences between print and online media
  • Are some publications easier to be published in?

Part 5: The common mistakes architects make with media (8.32min)

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  • Slow to respond
  • Not being proactive
  • Not providing content
  • Different content types: photos, text, audio, video
  • Introduction to a media kit

Part 6: Media kits continued (10.04min)

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  • An example media kit
  • Reverse engineering an article – that’s what goes in your media kit and your website
  • Adding a media kit to your website
  • Creating a call to action for your media kit

Part 7: Questions from the audience (3.25min)

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  • Are editors wary of architects who work with multiple editors
  • Mailing lists for the media
  • Magazine exclusives

Part 8: Structure of an architects website / a strategy for sharing content (5.26min)

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  • Architects generally don’t have enough pages on their site
  • Project content can help increase the footprint of an architects site
  • Make your project section a resource for the media
  • A strategy for sharing content: Print media > Blogs > Your own networks

Part 9: Questions from the audience (9.18min)

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  • What if you don’t have many projects to publish?
  • What about other types of content other than projects
  • Repitition
  • Publishing unbuilt work

Part 10: Make your website the centre of your architecture (11.21min)

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  • Audience size and relevance
  • Which magazine has the best audience for you?
  • Brand awareness, brand perception, Action
  • Direct contact and continued contact
  • This missing piece of the puzzle
  • Why isn’t my phone ringing hot from media coverage
  • Make your website the centre of your architecture
  • Why blogs readers are not flowing onto your site

Part 11: Summary (3.01min)

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  • You need to create content
  • And it needs to be online
  • Be prepared: Create a media kit
  • Make your site a resource for the media
  • Make your website the centre of your architecture
  • Drive flow back to your site
  • Create action

Part 12: Final questions (11.01min)

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  • Problems with media aggregators
  • The difference between media coverage of a Project and an Architect
  • Is there potential for income generation from content creation
  • Press releases
  • How to contact media and build up a contact list

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