Media and an Architects Website Video Series

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What’s covered:

  • Replay of the 90min webinar presented by Nic Granleese in 2013 broken down into 12 easy to watch videos (90 minutes). 
  • Understanding the cycle of media, architecture and your website?
  • Knowing the types of information the media want from your website?
  • Finding out when to publish new projects on your website and when to wait?
  • Tips on how to attract media and build a mailing list for editors, writers and bloggers?
  • A strategy that places your website at the centre of all media about your architecture?
  • Tips on how to drive traffic back to your site when you do get published?
  • A method of assessing which magazine, blog, or newspaper is going to give you the best outcome?
  • Tips on when to post unbuilt designs on your website and when not to?
  • 12 videos focused on media and an architects website (90 minutes of video).
  • Presented by architect and architectural photographer Nic Granleese.
  • BONUS: Get a free copy of the Architects Media Ket Template

Why this topic is important

Nic Granleese argues that there is a clear cycle between architects who get published and those who attract more (and better) clients. Architects who rise to prominence are propelled by media and in turn are exposed to not only more potential clients, but clients who are likely to help them achieve the highest quality projects, which in turn, allows the same architects to get published and so creates a positive feedback cycle. The counter cycle occurs when architects fail to get published and become trapped in a cycle of poor clients and little opportunity to get published. But there is a way out… and the internet has provided a vast number of opportunities if used correctly. That is what this seminar is about: understanding these cycles and then building a website that harnesses them to work in your favour.

Media cycle


“Make your website the centre of your architecture”

Architecture used to get published in a handful of places, but now it’s everywhere. It’s on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, magazines, newspapers, design blogs and what ever platform comes next. The secret is making your website the point source for that content and making sure any publication ultimately leads back to your site because that’s where the action can take place. That’s where potential clients can actually contact you.


“The modern world of media is about syndication”

Which means people share existing content and reframe it, which also means that if you’re not providing the original content about your architecture somewhere online then who is? Your website has the opportunity to become a goto point for the media. They want your content, you just need to give them the right stuff in the right way. That’s how you turn your website into the centre of your architecture.


“Think of the media as your distribution parters”

You have the content (photos and stories about your projects) and the media have the audience. Every magazine, blog, and social media user now has their own community of readers, and followers and they need content to share with their audience. They want to talk about your architecture if you just make it easy for them. Build up several distribution / media partners and you now have a pipeline of people coming back to your site.  Even if you have your own blog, this is the secret of building your own audience around your work. You tap into the existing audiences of architectural media, and get some credibility points at the same time because of the status of these publications.

“Why don’t architect’s get published?”

Because they’re not proactive, and they are too slow in responding to media requests. You’re website can help you solve both those problems. Find out how in this webinar.


fileFree: The Architects Media Kit Template

Attendees of this webinar will be provided a free copy The Architects Media Kit template, which Nic Granleese uses in combination with his architectural photography to provide the media everything they need to publish a project.


About the presenter

Nic GranleeseNic Granleese is an architect turned architectural photographer who specialises in online media. In 2011 he became Australia’s most followed architectural photographer and now has more than 10,000 followers online. He writes and speaks about the relatively untapped opportunities architects have online and how web savvy architects are redesigning the way they work and find clients.

His approach to websites is that they should be the centre point of information about an architect’s work. They should make it easy for the media to publish their architecture and they should openly share their goals, aspirations and ideas. The end result is a powerful tool that reaches the largest audience possible and filters that audience to find “clients who get you.” This changes everything from the quality of architecture you can achieve to almost eliminating the need to pitch to new clients. By the time a potential clients walks through your door they know who you are, what you stand for and they’ve already decided they want to work with you.

In 2012 he published a “web-book” called Websites For Architects, which provides a practical guide on how architects can build an effective website. It ranked #1 on Google within three months and has been viewed more than 60,000 times since launching late last year.