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76,900 reasons why architects should use the word home instead of residential

Far more people search for architecture with common terms than industry specific language

This article is going to introduce the idea of keywords and show how the language an architect uses on their website can have a big impact on the number of people coming to it. We search for almost everything in the world now by typing several words into Google. These words are called keywords and they are used to determine which sites Google will display. Google is attempting to show the most relevant results when you search for something and it tries to match the search phase with the words in your website. It knows what words are in your site by indexing the worlds websites regularly. So if someone is looking for Architect Melbourne, it searches for sites that are most relevant to those two words. Knowing this means you can reverse the process and think about the words that you want to include in your website so that you get yourself infront of the largest audience. But how do you know how many people are searching for any particular search phrase? You use tools like Google’s Keyword tool or Market Samurai.

What I’ve done below is use this tool to search for several architectural phrases and show you how much of a difference a change in vocabulary can make to the number of people who find your site via search engines. The settings used are: all locations, english as the language, and desktops and laptops as the nominated platform.

Home vs Residential

Search Phrase Global Monthly Searches
Home Architecture 110,000
Residential Architecture 33,100

School vs education

Search Phrase Global Monthly Searches
School Architecture 246,000
Education Architecture 74,000

Office vs Commerical

Search Phrase Global Monthly Searches
Office Architecture 40,500
Commercial Architecture 14,800

What stands out from this example is that common terms have far more searches than industry terms. For example, 110,000 searches were made for Home Architecture, compared to 33,100 for Residential Architecture. What this means, as far as search traffic is concerned, is that it’s smarter to use common language then it is to use more professional sounding words. It’s also quite possible that people searching with industry terms are in the industry themselves, so one can suggest that not only do more people search with common terms, but the likelihood of them being potential clients is higher as well. That said, be careful with this sort of information because you can slice data in all sorts of ways. For example, if you’re looking for clients who understand the industry then using industry specific terms may be exactly what you want to do. Similarly, journalists who write about architecture are also likely to use industry specific terms.

The real lesson from this is that the language you use in your website can have significant impact and you should be writing for the audience you want to attract.