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Thank you

To finish up I want to say thank you. If you’ve gotten this far then you’ve read through many, many pages of me talking about websites for architects. Along the way I’ve probably spelt words wrong and had entire sentences that looked like I write them at odd hours of the day. Thats because they were! As I described in the intro this site is a side project and the core content was written in one week while I was on holiday. I know, some people like to go to the beach on their holiday… and I sit down and write about websites for 12 hours a day. Each to their own I say and because many of you reading this out there will be fellow architects I’m sure you know there is nothing like a project and being compulsive obsessive about it. If you have found this information useful there’s a couple things you can do to support this project.

  1. Use our affiliate links. If you are going to build your site using WPengine (Hosting company), GoDaddy (Domain names), Themeforest (WordPress themes) then please use our affiliate links. When you do this each of those companies pay us a commission for linking to them. It doesn’t change the price you pay, but it does send something back and helps me maintain this site.
  2. Let me know about your site. When you finish building your site send me an email via this contact form. Tell me about the site and what it’s URL is. What I would like to do is add a section to this site showcasing people who build a website using this guide. This will give you publicity and provide us with some news to publish.
  3. Provide feedback. Email me here and let me know if we got something wrong or if something needs to be updated. And of course positive feed back is great too. If you email a testimonial I’ll publish it on the site and link back to your site (Remember how important back links are)
  4. Link to this site. By doing this you help this site get ranked by Google. You can do that by linking from the new site you just built. You don’t need to do that overtly, you can just make a page which no one can really get to and link to us from there. You may even want to tell the story and experience of building your site. Who knows. The other way you can link to the site is by using Twitter and Facebook. All of this helps.

Thanks again.

Ps. A reminder that if you are having any trouble while building your website please just send me an email. I’m an approachable kind of guy and I enjoy connecting with people and what’s probably more important is that I don’t want you to feel like you’re alone in this process.