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The 2 minute professional WordPress site

This is the simplest way I know of getting a professional Wordpress site up and running.


What is a professional site?

  • It runs super fast, which means Google likes you (site speed = better SEO)
  • It automatically backs up every day (so if something nasty happens you simply restore your site and keeps working)
  • It has staging areas. So if you want to make changes to your site you can test them before going live.
  • It has strong security and scans your website files for malware and viruses.

How hard is it?

It’s super easy. It should take you all of 2 minutes.

What’s the secret?

We’re going to use a premium website host that specialises in WordPress. They take care of all the hard stuff like security and site speed. You pay for this service, but it’s cheap for the performance you get.



  1. Goto WPengine (
  2. Click pricing plans
  3. Choose the $29 personal plan
  4. Sign up and enter your details

Your done. It’s that easy. Your site will now be super fast, super secure and just run. Here’s a video that runs through the process.