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Do you need help to take your website to the next level? Do you need advice on your online strategy and how to incorporate social media and blogging? Do you feel like your site is not giving you the outcomes it should? Well the author of Websites For Architects now provides website consultations any where in the world.

Nic Granleese

Nic Granleese. Author of Websites for Architects

“The advice was amazing!”
Suzie Wiley, architect |

1. Pre-website consultation

Think before you build

This consultation is for architects who are thinking about updating their site, or building a new one. It’s about getting some independent advice (which is highly focused on architecture) before you approach a web designer and spend thousands of dollars on a new site. By the end of the consultation you’ll have a hit list of items that you want to include in your website brief. It will also allow you to assess the approach of your current website, give you the vocabulary to speak one on one with your web designer, and maximise the outcomes of your new website.

2. Post-website consultation

A review from the eyes of a new user

When you finish building a new site it’s important that you get an independent review of it separate from your web designer and one that is from the users perspective. The way I do this is by doing a “blind review.” I’ll walk you through your site as if i’m a potential client who knows nothing about you, or what you do. This is invaluable for figuring out if your site is giving potential clients what they are looking for and also for optimising your site for editors and journalists of architectural media. By the end of the consultation you’ll have a hit list of items that can improve your site and achieve real outcomes from it, ie getting published more often and getting contact from potential clients.

3. SEO (search engine optimisation) consultation

Get your site to the top of Google

People find everything now via Google. There are 12,100 searches for Architect Melbourne for example every month. Understanding how Google chooses who to show in their search results is powerful for finding new clients. This consultation looks at your site to see how it’s performing and gives you expert advice on how to do it better. By the end of this consultation you’ll have actionable steps for ranking better on Google, choosing the best key words for your type of architecture, and finding out why other architects are ranking better than you. I’ll use specialised SEO software to give you information not publicly available.

4. Online strategy consultation

Smart strategies for websites, blogs and social media

There’s more to being online than just having a website. This consultation helps you formulate a strategy for social media, blogging and connecting with architectural media. It will help you build an audience around your work and get your architecture published by design blogs and traditional media. By the end of the consultation you’ll have a hit list of items to implement and a strategy so that the time you spend building you online presence is achieving real goals.

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