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The Architects Media Kit

Download the architects media kit (word doc)

This is a template for collating all the information the media (and bloggers) need to be able to write about your projects. I use this for my architectural photography clients to get their architecture out into the world. You can use it in a couple powerful ways. You can upload it to your site so the media can write articles about your projects instantly, or  you can use it as a template for the information to include on your project pages. It’s also a very effective way of responding to media requests quickly.

What does the template cover

  • Storylines
  • Key features (What makes you project different)
  • Project description
  • Architect’s statement
  • Project “quotes”
  • Building details (Location, building type, completion date etc)
  • Project team
  •  Images
  • Image license
  • Building materials
  • Bonus material
  • Architect’s profile
  • Media contact