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The most powerful and yet simple SEO (search engine optimisation) tip that I know

Here’s the most powerful and yet simple way I know of getting your site to the top of Google.


Create a Google Places account

Have you ever noticed how Google sometimes shows maps and other content in search results? For example, if you search for a plumber, or an architect, or restaurant, or any type of local business, Goggle doesn’t just show a list of webpages. They also give you either a map, or sometimes a specific person. Google often changes how they display this and sometimes it’s a “six pack” of businesses, sometimes it’s a Google map with pins and recently they have even been showing huge boxes with a single person highlighted with buttons to their website and phone number. This is really powerful because it means that you don’t need good website SEO to get to the top of Google.

Google places example

The screenshot above shows the Google Places content in locations 1 and 2, with the normal search results right down the bottom a number 3. (The other listings on the page are paid listings)


Here’s how you can get your Google Places listing to rank first. (disclaimer here: no one knows for sure how Google ranks pages, or businesses, so there may be other factors involved, but this is what I see working right now)

  1. Create a Google Places Account
  2. Fill out every detail you can. Add you website, add a description, add a phone number, upload as many images as you can (i think  it’s 10). Just fill out everything you can. There’s an assumption here that Google wants fully completed profiles, but it also gives Google more content to know what your business is about. The most important pieces of information are your location, the word architect (or whatever it is that you want to rank for), your site address and a profile picture.
  3. Now contact everyone you know who has a Google Plus account and ask them to leave a review. This may be past clients, friends, family. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you have more reviews than anyone else. This is because the number of positive reviews appears to be one of the key factors in who Google ranks as the number one business and if your competitors have zero reviews and you have one then you win by default.

That’s it. Super simple.