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Best WordPress themes for architects 2012

Best WordPress themes for architects 2012

Here’s a list of some of my favourite WordPress themes for Architects from 2012

Update: The Best WordPress Themes for Architects 2013 is now available!

And they are so much better than these themes from 2012.

Find them here


The Agency

Live preview


The Agency is a premium theme available on Themeforest for $40. The design is minimal and has been built around projects. It includes a project template that has project information fields that can be adapted easily for architecture. I use this theme for my architectural photography site and highly recommend it.

[update] David Peabody let me know that the response time for support on this theme has been slow, sometimes up to three weeks. I suspect this is because it’s several years old and the developers are putting less energy into it. I still think it’s a great theme, but something to be aware of. [Update]

Get the Agency Theme here




Live Preview

This is a free theme, which i normally avoid because of some bad experiences with free themes, but i was impressed enough to include in this list and hope it will be a good option for those of you on a tight budget. What I like about it is how cleanly it displays projects and images, but at the same time displays a fair amount of text. Text is important for explaining who you are and also for Google to know who you are. There’s also lots of options for links in the footer, which makes everything accessible, but is not too overwhelming. It also appears to work well with Iphones and Ipads.

Get the architekt theme here




Live Preview

I really like this theme. It’s smart, displays projects well and has clear zones of information. I think the secret is using rows effectively. You can pack a website full of content if you display it with clear rows. Each row can have a very different feel, but while you’re looking at

any one row the information should be simple and clear. You can keep stacking these rows and that’s the beauty of it. Check out any Apple website and you’ll see this approach used over and over.

Go check it out, it’s very cool.

Get the Scope theme here

Yin & Yang


Live Preview

This is a nicely styled theme that displays projects and images well. It also has some fun animation when you filter projects. My only comment here would be to test this theme on multiple browsers (Internet explorer, chrome, safari) to make sure that animation works everywhere. I’ve had experiences with themes where this type of feature has broken. So while I like it, the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle makes me ask if it is really necessary.

Get the Yin and Yang Theme here

The architect WP edition


Live Preview

This is an architect specific WordPress theme that is minimal, but a little too corporate for my liking. I can see it however working for a lot of firms out there. One of the features that is interesting is that it’s project page includes a summary of projects including budget and % complete. The author of this theme is the same person who created The Agency (listed above and one of my favourite themes) and there is a similarity in the approach.

Get the Architect WP Edition theme here

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