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Architects websites that amaze and confound

Architects websites that amaze and confound

Below is my collection of architects websites that are amazing and stunning, but ultimately flawed. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful in their own right, but they are more like online art installations rather than websites that aim to communicate. I call these types of sites emotive websites because they aim to wow you, but they lack any real substance. They suffer from many of the issues discussed in 6 mistakes architects make with websites. They are also one hit wonders in the sense that they are amazing the first time you use them, but rarely do they give someone a reason to return. They do not foster communities, or share ideas. They typically have site traffic that is short lived as people come to see the spectacle, but then leave just as quickly. Architects think these types of sites are innovative and cool, but they are missing the point. Websites are vessels that contain ideas. It doesn’t matter how cool the vessel is if there is no content to give it purpose. Just like a radio, there is beauty in the design of the radio itself, but it is the broadcast which is truly powerful.

Beware: almost all of these sites use flash, so they don’t work on Iphones or Ipads and some load very slowly. All are impossible to navigate.

BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group

Diller Scofidio

Tom Rivard

Ushida Findlay

Archived URL


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