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How much will building a website cost?

Here’s a quick budget based on the steps in this guide.

One time setup costs ($87)

First month of hosting $29
Domain name $13
WordPress theme $35

Monthly hosting costs ($29/month)

Monthly hosting fee $29


A couple comments and clarifications

  • All the prices are rough approximates and based in US dollars. The point is to show how little it costs to build and run your own website. It’s probably less than what you spend on your mobile phone.
  • The domain name may be slightly more expensive if you’re buying a country specific domain extension like for Australia.
  • Theme prices range from about $30-$45. You can get free themes but I don’t recommend them.
  • You can get much cheaper hosting (ie, $6/month), but I don’t recommend that either. I think it’s false economy because on top of the cheap hosting you’ll also need to get a good back up strategy which costs around $15/month. The more expensive hosting company I recommend in this guide (WPengine) already includes a backup system and has a bunch of other benefits and will make your site a professional quality one, instead of a cheap home job. Seriously it’s like super charging it. That said, if you’re on a really tight budget (eg, your an architecture student) then you can definitely use a cheaper host like Bluehost and a free theme and get your setup costs down to about $19! And your monthly running costs down to $6/month. But as I said, if you’re building a professional site for your architectural practice don’t skimp here. The $5 or $10 you’ll save will come back to bite you.


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