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Which projects should architects display on their website?

I think there are two considerations here. The first is that you want to have a regular stream of projects being published on your website. This is so people keep coming back to your site on a regular basis, to see what’s new. So avoid batch uploading projects and instead do it over time. And if you think you don’t have enough projects to talk about, think again. One single project has so much behind the scenes content that it’s not funny and is some of the most valuable story telling you can do. So it’s better to lead the reader through the entire process of a single good project, rather than trying to get too many sub par projects up online.

Just because you designed your mum’s deck doesn’t mean you should display it on your site

The second consideration is understanding that the projects you display on your site will be the projects that you attract. Good projects bring more good projects, while bad projects attract more bad ones. So just because you did your mum’s deck, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to put it up on your website. I’d go so far as to say that it’s more valuable to display conceptual work of the type of architecture that you actually want to do, rather than displaying completed work that you really don’t want to attract more of. A phrase I picked up from someone is “be the architect you want to be”. If your dream is to be the next Renzo Piano then start doing it now. Start building prototypes and concept ideas and put that online. Tell the world about it. This age of self publishing is really an opportunity for architects to share their vision of the projects they really want to be doing, not just the projects we ended up doing to pay the bills. This pipe dream approach would have struggled 20 years ago, but with the internet you’re connected to billions of other people and within that hive of activity you’re going to find enough people to support almost any niche.


  • Avoid displaying the types of projects that you don’t want to attract.
  • Display projects, even if only concept ideas of the type of building you really want to do.
  • Good projects bring more good projects, bad projects bring more bad projects.

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